Spidey Guests In Savage Dragon?

Here's a little something Spiderfan staffer Peter Kroon noticed in a recent issue of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon:

While trying to catch up with my reading, I read Savage Dragon 107. The second story is a Kill-Cat story. On page 6 (the final page) of that story, the last panel it says....

blah blah blah and finally "As far as SKELETONS in a guy's CLOSET go, I've heard WORSE, believe me...!"

Nothing special about that. Kill-Cat says this (and other) line(s) to his buddy and walks off. But on the table is a newspaper with the headline "Kill-Cat clone found in chimney".

This is definitely a reference to Spider-Man, BUT is this one worth counting as an appearance?

That's not all in 108 the Dragon found a webshooter. In that same issue he uses it like Spidey does. Yep, he's swinging across town. Then in issue 109 he's still using it, this time to create a web-ball in order to hold Thor. Perhaps you should read it, it's a very funny story.

- Peter