Doc Ock Is Taking Over

There's is a whole heap of Doctor Octopus related stuff coming out in anticipation of the next Spider-Man movie. Here's a quick run down on the good Doctor's movements:

  • Last month we reported on the upcoming Doc Ock limited series, Negative Exposure, well only a month after its launch Marvel are debuting another Doc Ock mini called Out of Reach. Here's how the solicitation reads: "Written by COLIN MITCHELL, Cover & pencils by KERON GRANT Doctor Octopus is once again in search of more power, and this time finds a sidekick in wonder kid Brigham Fontaine. Will Spider-Man be able to stop this fearsome duo? An action-packed limited series!"
  • Spectacular Spider-Man will also feature a Doc Ock storyline starting in issue #6. Its a five parter, just right for a quick trade. The storyline is supposed to feature redesign of Doc Ock by series artist Humberto Ramos.