Spider-Girl Is On Top

After all those cancellation woes, it looks like things are looking up fro Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl is currently out-selling Runaways, Crew and Sentinel. All of those have a $2.50 cover price, while Spider-Girl's is $2.99, and it's slowly gaining readers each month (very slowly, but at least in the right direction). So Spider-Girl should be safe from cancelation anytime soon.

This certaintly seems the case as series writer, Tom DeFalco, posted the following on the Spide r -Girl Message Board:

Hi, guys...

I just got word from my editor--the ever-enthusastic Andy Schmidt--that SPIDER-GIRL has been extended to Issue #74. (That doesn't mean that #74 will be our last issue...just that it could be our last...just like the way Issue #67 could have been our last.)

Anyway, looks like my summer vacation is over...

Thanks for being there!
Tom D.