Spider-Man Encyclopedia Revealed!

As was recently reported at WizardWorld Chicago, Marvel is set to release the new Spider-Man Encyclopedia. The even bigger news (for us) is that our very own site editor, Jonathan Couper, had a major hand in it! That's right, since the beginning of this year Jonathan has been slaving away gathering information and writing the profiles on characters that will appear in the encyclopedia. He wasn't the only one, as many other Spiderfan staffers were hard at work helping him.

So, we can tell you with much certainty that this is going to be one great encyclopedia! We've loaded the pages with descriptions of every major and minor Spider-Man character to ever appear. From huge bios of the classics (the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Mary Jane Watson) to histories of the obscure bit players like the Mud-Thing, Big Wheel, Slyde, Hypno-Hustler, the Vulturions, and the Thousand. Plus, for the real trivia lovers, we threw in almost 700 more Spider-Man characters into an appendix! And, least we forget the star of the book, Spider-Man's history is covered in over 10 pages along with spotlights on his many costumes and gadgets.

You can check out some internal pics and some more info on the actual announcement at Comic Book Resources.