Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Screening in the UK

We recently recieved the following email:

Here in the UK, The Channel 4 network has just started screening Buena Vista's digitally remastered episodes.

The first screening was this morning (Sunday 29th June) at 8.35am.

They kicked off with the first two 15 minute episodes screened during its original run (The Power of Dr Octopus and Sub Zero for Spidey).

The digital restoration looks great - the image is far sharper and the colours are far brighter than the recent episodes included as extras on the US Spidey animated DVD releases. And Paul Soles' dual vocal performance as Parker & Spidey is as vibrant as ever, just like I remember it from when I was a kid. It's regular Channel 4 slot is going to be half an hour at 8.30am, every Sunday morning from now on.

All the best

Andrew Sumner

Thanks for the tip Andrew!