New Spidey Title After Spectacular

The guys over at Comics Continuum recently reported the following:

Alonso was cryptic about a new Spider-Man title to follow the Spectacular Spider-Man by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos.

"I've received a beat sheet from a writer for a new Spider-Man book that's sure to raise eyebrows and be in the top five," Alonso said. "We're talking to an artist right now for a new book in 2004."

* Alonso said that Spectacular Spider-Man will be for the "old-school" fans: "You know, a thwip, thwip type of book where he beats the hell out of bad guys that deserve it."

* Bruce Jones said the first arc for the new Kingpin series, which he writes, will be six issues.

And for those interested in all things Spectacular the Pulse have an interview with artist Humberto Ramos here.