The Future of the Spider Titles

Marvel has confirmed that Peter Parker: Spider-Man's last issue will be #57, with Zebb Wells seeing the title through to the end. While not being specific, they say the a new title (well old title really), the Spectacular Spider-Man, will debut shortly afterwards with the creative team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Humberto Ramos. There have also been reports that Marvel have hired Batgirl artist Damian Scott to team-up with Jenkins. Since the title will spawn 18 ishes/year, the plan may be for Ramos and Scott to rotate based on storyline.

As Kevin Smith won't be taking over the writing reigns of Amazing Spider-Man, JMS and JR Jr will be staying on and no longer launching a new Spidey title of their own.

A new Kingpin series is being launched that is supposed to have close ties to Spider-Man. The series will be written by Bruce Jones with art by Sean Phillips and Klaus Janson and is slated to be a mini-series that will probably continue as an ongoing. You can read more here at

There is also a Spider-Man and Wolverine limited series coming up, from the creators of the recent Spider-Man and Daredevil one-shot, Brett Matthews and Vatche Mavlian. You can read up on what they have planned here at