Venom #1 DotComic

Venom is back, and to prove it's true, Marvel has put the first few pages of Venom #1 up at so you can check it out and make a decision on whether you will pick it up yourself.

While you are there, you can also check out other previews of new titles that are part of Marvel's Tsunami line of comics.

Meanwhile, writer Daniel Way has dropped by the Spider-Man Message Board again replying to the following post:

Spiderfanguy:Maybe the writer can answer this, but I'm curious as to Eddie Brock's role in the series. The character has gotten...well...sorta crappy these past few years and I'd like to know what's being done to make him a real character and a real villian again.

Daniel Way:Eddie is VERY important to what I'm doing with this book...just not in the way you might think.