Spider-Man: The Movie Homage

We recently got an interesting email from Spider7886, here's how it goes:

I don't know if anyone has noticed this yet, but there's a VERY small reference to "Amazing Fantasy #15" in the "Spider-Man" movie.

Go to the part right after Spidey breaks up the armored car robbery (but before Jameson calls his pictures "crap".) During the close up of Jameson's hands thumbing through Pete's pics, watch in amazement as the third picture (the one with Spidey crawling up the wall) abruptly changes into what looks like a photo version of AF#15 (complete with the guy under Spidey's arm) as Jameson sets it down on his desk. I caught this one during what must have been the 47th time watching this movie, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Darn you, 7886! Thanks to you, I had to watch my DVD of the movie again! You're right however. One of Pete's photos does indeed seem to be an homage to that famous AMAZING FANTASY # 15 cover. It might require frame-by-frame for some people to see it, though.