Spidey Merchandise from Dynamic Forces

For those who find Spider-Man's 3-dimensional personality in the comics not enough to satisfy your cravings for collectables, Dynamic Forces has produced some breathtaking 3-D artwork that may calm your cravings.

Dynamic Forces has already released some cool Spidey statues this year including the Classic Spider-Man / Green Goblin 8 1/2" busts sculpted by Greg Aronowitz. Featuring the John Romita Sr. styling from Amazing Spider-Man #39-#40, these pieces come in masked and the variant un-masked versions.

November 2002 has seen the release of the Mike Hill sculpted / Alex Ross based Spider-Man Full Size Head Bust. This piece makes a perfect addition to any True Believer's Spidey-shrine. Or, for the more fiendish readers of our page, perhaps a Spidey-bust over the fireplace mantle will allow you to brag that which every super- villain wishes they could brag: "I defeated Spider-Man and mounted his head!" I've seen this piece up close, and it belongs in a museum it's so good. If you wear a Goblin mask and look into reflective lenses, you'll see a stunning resemblance to Alex Ross's artwork from Marvels!

What's coming next? Why, it's none other than a statue all to herself for Mary Jane Watson, to be released in May 2003! In a new line of busts partnering Dynamic Forces with sculpter-extraordinare Clayburn Moore (of Moore Action Collectables), the MJ bust is the first in the series spotlighting key moments in the Marvel Universe history. MJ is posed recreating her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #42. The bust is 8" high, and is another John Romita Sr. drawing come to life! Only 1966 pieces will be made (for the year of MJ's debut!). I've been a big fan of Moore's sculpts, but never an avid fan of the characters he's sculpted (Fathom, Witchblade, etc). However with MJ, even though I'm not a big sculpture or bust collector, I think I'll make an exception. The piece flawlessly captures Mary Jane and the essence of those classic Spidey issues.

If you're interested in obtaining these or other special Spidey goodies (wall scrolls, signed comics, artwork, etc) for yourself, you can order directly from Dynamic Forces, or check out your local comic shop or other online retailers.