Up-Sized SpiderFan

As a result of the flood of traffic immediately following the movie, we had a major bandwidth blow-out. You may recall that the site was out of action for a week, and when we came back on-line, one of the things we had to do was reduce the size of the cover scans in the comics database.

Things have gradually returned to normal, and we're pleased to announce that all you SpiderFan archivists can now access our regular 75dpi scan database.

Please note that only cover scans are available - these being the public face of the comics. These cover images are made available for historical, archival and research purposes under "fair use" in the context of our complete Spider-Man comics database. This is an academic project to document and examine a modern popular culture phenomenom - Spider-Man.

These images remain the property of Marvel Comics, and are used without permission. We do not and will not provide reproduction of the interior of comics - this is clearly not fair use, so please don't ask us.