Kraven Cameo

Recently we received this little tidbit from a sharp-eyed Spidey lover:

KRAVEN is in the Spider-Man movie!

In a scene in JJJ's office, there is a small B&W TV playing off to the right of his desk. On the TV, there's a nature show, similar to 'Crocodile Hunter'. The host is wearing an oversized vest (hard to see if it had the classic lion's head design) and performing all kinds of animal wrestling stunts--leaping at animals in a display of machismo just for the sake of beefing up his own image.

This was the 3rd time I'd seen it in the theater (gets better every time!), and I still only barely caught this bit. This could be the tiniest cameo ever, and Sam Raimi was far more subtle than I expected. I think we were all looking for easy-to-see cameos by villains, aside from just the mention of Eddie Brock or Doc Connors, so this certainly took me by surprise.

-- Justin Kaye, a.k.a. Noboru13

Thanks for the tip, now I'll have to go see the movie again and check for myself....