"Spider-Man Live!"

As if the movie weren't making enough of an impact, a long-planned Spider-Man live action stage show is due to start a run of 40 U.S. states, before heading over to Europe, Asia and Australia.

The family-oriented show is constructed around spectacular flying illusions, acrobatic and trapeze stunts, pyrotechnics and multimedia special effects... except this time it's not a movie, it's live on a stage right in front of your eyes.

The concept is similar to the 20 minute Universal Studios Hollywood: Spider-Man Rocks live action show, except that Spider-Man Live is a full two hour story, built around a complete theatrical stage show... and it's coming to you.

For more info, and extended tour information, check out their web site at www.spidermanlive.com (site no longer active). We'll also be adding photos and more details here, as they become available.