Free Comic Book Day Magazine

The following was posted to us from the guys at Grayhaven magazine:

In order to bring renewed interest to the comic book industry, several publishers are offering close to 2 million free issues to 29 countries. Find out more at

In support of this, GrayHaven Magazine, one of the most popular comics and pop culture magazines online, is offering a free, downloadable magazine geared to new and current readers alike. Nearly 100 pages of features on Comics for Kids, Comics for Women, Sci-Fi, Horror, Humor, Crime, Fantasy, the 50 Best Graphic Novels, Comics and Film, and Shocking Things You Didn't Know about the Comics Industry. Go to to download. It's available now and for the foreseeable future, ready for the expected influx of new readers coming from the Spider-Man film. It is hoped people will not only read, but print copies for their comic shops, bookstores, music stores, surf shops, or anywhere the curious and literate may frequent.

Christopher Allen