Creative Shuffle

Some of the biggest news recently has been the announcement of some very major creative shuffles in Spidey's regular books. Here's a quick synopsis of what's happening:

  • Arguably two of the biggest names in comics have been signed on as writers for a regular monthly title: Kevin Smith and J.M. Straczynski. Both creators have signed exclusively with Marvel.
  • Smith will write both a Black Cat monthly and Amazing Spider-man, with Terry Dodson possibly pencilling both.
  • JMS will launch a new monthly with John Romita Jr. titled "Spider-Man".
  • Paul Jenkins will still be in the monthly mix, but it is still not clear on what title.
  • The title Peter Parker: Spider-Man will still be around, so that means there will be 4 regular continuity monthly Spidey titles!

A timeline for when these changes will take effect hasn't been mentioned. But, things sure look good!