Spiderfan.org + Playstation Magazine = Huge Spider-Man PS2 Game Feature!

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine recently contacted Spiderfan.org in regard to their upcoming huge Spider-Man PS2 game feature, which will be in the May issue of OPM (#56), due out in stores April 9th. Not only will OPM have a ton of new information about the game, but they will also have news about the Spider-Man movie, and a few pages dedicated to the character himself. We were asked to check their facts for accuracy, and make a few submissions for this feature.

We aim to please at Spiderfan, so resident staffer Byron Sanders worked with OPM editor and writer of the feature, Chris Baker. A whopping 12 pages total will be packed with the Spider-Goods, 2 pages as an opener, 4 about the PS2 game, 3 about the movie, and 3 on the comic history of our favorite wall-crawler. Throughout the feature will be a timeline highlighting some areas of Spider-Man's history, along with a gameography displaying the evolution of Spider-Man in videogames.

Some other goodies to look forward to contained in the feature are:

  • Brief character bios and plot synopses.
  • Top 10 best and top 5 worst list of Spider-Man stories.
  • The addition of exclusive quotes about the upcoming film. Including quotes from Axel Alonso, Bill Jemas, and Joe Quesada.
  • Quotes from some staff members at Spiderfan.
  • PS2 demo disc included, containing non-playable footage of the Spider-Man game and the movie trailer.

The request and subsequent collaboration turned out to be a tremendous compliment to us at Spiderfan, and we are more than happy to be recognized by the Official U.S. Playstation Magazine, the pinnacle of game publications. For the latest news and reviews on videogames, check out their website here: Official U.S. Playstation Magazine and don't forget to pick up your copy April 9th!

Also Check out screenshots of the upcoming game at Ugo.com .