Spider-Man Movie Tie-ins Continued

Last month we reviewed the Spider-Man movie trailer and discussed some of the planned tie-ins to the movie announced at the time. Well since then Marvel have released details on even more tie-ins to coincide with the movie release. Here's the dirt on what's to come:

  • More details on the Spider-Man Movie adaption. The 48-page adaptation by Stan Lee & Alan Davis will also include photos from the film and from the making of the movie, Ultimate Spider-Man #8 (Peter gets a job at the Bugle!), Peter Parker: Spider-Man #35 ("Heroes Don't Cry" by Paul Jenkins & Mark Buckingham) and Spider-Man's Tangled Web #10: Ray of Light (by Kaare Andrews).
  • A Black Cat/Spider-Man 4 issue series penned by Kevin Smith, to lead into a Black Cat ongoing series.
  • More details on the Bendis penned Ultimate Spider-Man Special have been released. The big name art team is in fact big names. Artists lined up for the project reportedly include Michael Golden, Dan Brereton, Frank Cho, John Romita Sr, Jason Lutes, Sean Phillips, Scott Morse, Mike Avon Oeming, David Mack, P. Craig Russell, Dave Gibbons, Zander Cannon, Ashley Wood, Leonard Kirk, Craig Thompson, Jacen Burrows, Steve Rude, Brett Weldele, Jason Pearson, Matt Wagner, and Jim Mafhood. phew
  • Maybe not quite a tie-in, but surely planned to cash in on the movie's popularity is the new Spider-Man cartoon that will be in MTV's lineup for the second half of 2002. Rumors regarding the show, claim it is inspired by Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man series, as well as the upcoming movie, with Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Bendis reportedly attached to the series in a writing capacity.