Movie Tie-ins Abound!

By the time that the Spider-Man movie rolls around, Marvel will have geared up the Spider-man comics line to take full advantage of Spidey-mania likely to ensue. Here's an outline of what's supposed to be hitting the shelves around May:

  • Storylines in the 3 main titles to tie-in with the movie somehow. Including regular Peter Parker: Spider-Man cover artist, Humberto Ramos, also pencilling interiors for 4 issues starting issue #44
  • Spider-Man: Yith, a four issue miniseries by Greg Rucka and Scott Sava.
  • Spider-Man: Blue, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.
  • The movie adaptation by Stan Lee and Alan Davis.
  • Various rumoured one-shots, including an Ultimate Spidey special penned by Bendis and drawn by an unrevealed big name art team.

So start saving now, because not only are all these tie-ins Spidey, but they actually seem like quality projects!

If you want to find out some more details, head over to Newsrama.