I love JQ, not just because he has restored a long-lost energy to the Spider-Man world, but because (as Mike Fichera noted above), he is always happy to scrap with the fans on active issues. Even good 'ol Stan Lee always felt the urge to step up onto his Soap-Box, but Joe Q will step out into the ring and take you on, mano a mano.

Case in point... here's Joe Q. talking on ComicBoards about the eternal debate regarding Spidey's Age.

You guys win! I see the error of my ways. I think Spidey should be aged and he and MJ should be married, but here's the catch, we start from 1963 not from when you all might have started reading. That only makes sense right? That's what Stan wanted, isn't it?

So I will inform Paul and JMS that as soon as possible Peter should be portrayed as a 60 year old man and I would guess MJ should be about 58-59. My assumption is that they would have had several kids and probably several grand kids. So in a few months we can all expect to be thrilled by a pot bellied Peter trying to stop crime as best he can. He shouldn't have too much trouble trying to catch an 80 year old Doc Ock, it's those young punks he's going to have to worry about. Hmm, wait a minute, while I'm at it I can''t just ge Peter, I have to age Reed Richard and everyone in the MU for this to make sense, ah heck that's no problem, that's what the kids want to read anyway!

Would this be okay with you folks or am I just being selfish?

It doesn't matter if you agree with the guy... you gotta respect him for being prepared to fight his case at street level.