Reilly Rules at CBG

Andrew Goletz dropped me a line to mention the feature he's co-writing with Glenn Greenberg (former Spidey writer and editor) at Comic Book Galaxy.

The CBG site features industry reviews, by the folks who know it best, including some fairly well know names. Andrew and Glenn are working a series called "The Life of Reilly", a 35 part story that reviews the clone saga in depth, offers behind the scenes information from creators via QA and comments and adds fan insight into the clone saga. They like calling it a DVD style review feature.

Andrew is a Ben Reilly fan and although his friends at Marvel still claim he's not coming back, he also thinks they won't rule out anything if demand dictates it!

As well as having Glenn on the team, they also plan to interview Tom DeFalco, Dan Jurgans, Bob Budiansky, JM DeMatties and Mark Bagley in future installments - so get on over and check it out at Comic Book Galaxy.

[Ed - feature is now at GrayHaven Magazine.]