Spider-Girl, Her Final Battle

Tom DeFalco had this to say, when he recently announced the upcoming cancellation of Spider-Girl.

I have bad news, gang. I was informed by the powers-that-be that Spider-Girl is currently scheduled to end with Issue #38.

On the one hand, that's much too soon for Pat Olliffe, Al Williamson and me.

On the other hand, thirty-eight issues isn't a bad run for a title that no one thought would last a full year.

We have all had a lot of fun with this title, and will continue that fun until they usher us out of the hall. If you can find it in your hearts - and wallets - to pick up the last few issues, the team and I will do our best to make them well worth your time and money.

Thank you for all your support,and thanks for just being there!
Tom D.

Yep, I agree it's sad... but could it go on for ever? Should it go on for ever? Looking back, we've been treated to 'unlimited' runs of Green Goblin, Untold Tales, Spider-Woman (Vol. 3), Web-Spinners, and Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl has lasted longer than any of them... she really can't complain!

And much as I (nearly) loved all of those titles, if they hadn't have ended, then we wouldn't have had the one which came next. The market will bear only so many Spider-Titles, and it's all in the greater good that one makes place for that which follows.

Speaking of "That Which Follows", it seems that the next upcoming 'unlimited' title is to be named "Tangled Web". Lee Weeks speaks of it, in our next headline.

NOTE: Spider-Girl's demise has been reversed! See next month's issue of PPP for more details.