Comics Continuum Mis-Quotes Jenkins

Our keen friends over at Comics Contiunuum are pretty good at leaping onto stories. Of course, this sometimes means that their enthusiasm pushes the boundaries.

Their latest article on Paul Jenkins reads a little like an interview, and 'quotes' him on a couple of key points...

  1. Mary-Jane will return... but on Paul's terms. Fair enough. It's always been clear that M-J was far from dead.
  2. Paul Jenkins apparantly thought that Mackie's work was... sub-standard... and told him so.

It's the latter which has wrankled Jenkins, and rightly so. Jenkins claims on Comic Boards that it's a blow-up of an overheard mis-quote. Sure, when he took on the job, the guys at Marvel asked him what he thought. He said basically that Mackie didn't have his heart in the job, and wasn't doing good stuff. Mackie had to agree, so the story goes.

Subsequently, he reckons Mackie found new energy... and I have to agree that he's been making an effort. At this point, though, let me add my own opinion. Personally, it's too little too late. Mr. Mackie has had his chance. So let's see him move over and let someone new have a clean start.

Of course, the former comment has also been causing some discussion over on ComicBoards. While Mary-Jane's return is looking more and more certain, theres no doubt that Paul Jenkins is going to make something special out of the event... and I doubt that it's going to be easy going for Peter or MJ. Hey, I'm not worried. After the great work of the last six months, I trust Paul enough to be pretty certain that whatever happens, it's going to make for darn good reading - and that's all I've ever asked for. Of course, I might retract those words in a month or two if anything nasty has happened to my favourite red-head!