Joe Quesada is Editor in Chief

If you haven't heard yet, Joe Quesada is the new Editor-in-Chief at Marvel, effective immediately. Joe was the man who pushed Paul Jenkins into the spotlight, and was one of the main forces behind the Marvel Knights comics, which comprised some of the best work to come out of Marvel in the last few years

In an interview at Comic Book Resources, when pressed for details of what he intended to do, Joe said...

"Hands down, I think we need to take a good look at the Spider-Man titles. As Spider-Man goes, so goes Marvel. You can throw X-Men into that, too. You have to start at the top, and take a good look at what we're doing creatively and editorially. Especially with the Spider-Man movie looming, we have to look at this now, and not wait until two months before movie."

The general consensus around SpiderFan.Org is that Howard Mackie has been here far too long, with too little to show for it. I loved Marvel Knights, and it's fairly clear that Joe Q has been given the job because of his work with that line. If he does for Spider-Man what he did for Daredevil, then we're all in for a huge treat (even if it does ship late occasionally).

Read the Full Interview at Comic Book Resources.