Amazing Spider-Man #1-6

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)
Q. 1 'The Young Spider-Man'

When Amazing Fantasy #15 was published, it made a real impact. The idea of an awkward teenage boy being a hero in disguise struck a real chord with many young readers. Spider-Man quickly had his own comic, and grew to be the flagship book of Marvel Comics.

Everyone knows that Peter Parker raised by his Uncle and Aunt after he was orphaned at a young age. What were the names of his Mother and Father?

 Margaret and Raymond
 Margaret and Richard
 Mary and Raymond
 Mary and Richard

Q. 2 'Start the Day the Healthy Way'

Aunt May realised how important breakfast was to a young growing boy. What was young Peter's favourite breakfast?

 Bran Flakes
 Raison Bran

Q. 3 'Looking for Work'

In Amazing Spiderman #1, Spider-Man goes to see another super-group to ask for a job to raise money to pay the rent. Which group is that?

 Fantastic Four

Q. 4 'The Wings of the Vulture'

In Amazing Spiderman #2, Spider-Man beats the Vulture in a tough battle. How does he do this in the end?

 By Luring the Vulture into an Alley
 With the help of a Net and the Police
 By sheer force and determination
 With an 'Anti-Magnetic Inverter'

Q. 5 'Don't Tinker with the Tinkerer'

In the same issue, Spider-Man meets the Tinkerer when he goes to pick up a radio for Dr Cobbwell. Tinkerer of course is up to no good, and is modifying the radios to spy on people.

The Tinkerer and his allies intend to conquer the world, by planting the radios in the homes of important military leaders to discover defense secrets. Who is the Tinkerer actually in league with?

 People dressed up as Aliens
 Aliens dressed up as People

Q. 6 'The Good Doctor is 'In''

Amazimg Spiderman #3 sees the appearance of Dr Octopus, or Otto Octavius as his mother decided to name him. The Doctor is indeed a Doctor, but of what?

 Molecular Biology
 Genetic Engineering
 Atomic Physics

Q. 7 'How many Fingers am I holding up?'

How many 'finger' does Doc Ock have on his mechanical arms?

 3 on each
 3 on the top pair, 4 on the bottom pair
 4 on the top pair, 3 on the bottom pair
 4 on each

Q. 8 'Playing with Sand'

In #4, the Sandman ends up at Peter's school. Peter changes to Spider-Man and tackles him in a running fight throught the school. How does Peter finally defeat the Sandman?

 Traps him in the school's air-tight safe
 Sucks him up with an over-sized vacuum cleaner and hands the bag to the police.
 Gets him wet and then dries him quickly, causing him to solidify
 Gets him wet, then zaps him with a high voltage generator

Q. 9 'Take my Wife... Please!'

After failing to get Spider-Man to join his plans for world conquest, Dr Doom kidnaps someone. Who?

 Aunt May
 Peter Parker out of Costume
 Betty Brant
 Flash Thompson

Q. 10 'Mean, Lean, and Green'

The Lizard turns up in #6. The lizard soon turns out to be Curt Conners, who became the Lizard after experimenting with regeneration in order to restore his right arm which he lost during the war.

Spider-Man finds all of this out after meeting Curt's wife and son. What is the son's name?



 Posted: 2009
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)