Quiz on Scorpion

 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Eduard Saul
Q. 1 'The Man Behind the Madman'

Who created the scorpion?

 Jolly Jonah Jameson
 MacDonald Gargan
 Dr. Farley Stillwell
 The creators of The Rhino

Q. 2 'Pardon My Tail'

How does the Scorpion control his tail?

 It's a mutant growth.
 It's a robotic limb, attached to his spine.
 It has a mind of its own.

Q. 3 'A Sense of Purpose'

What was the Scorpion designed to do?

 Poison a celebrity, as Scorpions carry poison.
 Destroy the shoe business, as Scorpions often go to sleep in shoes.
 Destroy Spiderman, as scorpions are one of a spiders predators.
 Intimidate people who ordered anchovies in pizzas, as he really hates anchovies.

Q. 4 'Important Issues'

What issue did the green-clad Scorpion first appear in?

 Amazing Spider-Man #19
 Sensational Spider-man #27
 Amazing Spider-Man #20
 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #1

Q. 5 'The Powers That Be'

What powers does the scorpion have?

 The ability to go to sleep in a shoe.
 Super strength, powerful pincers, agility.
 Can intimidate pizza deliverers/orderers.
 Scorpion-sense, climbing walls, poison glands.

Q. 6 'The New Look'

How did the designers of the (godawful) Spider-Man relaunch make the new (not godawful) Scorpion costume?

 They stuck some pieces of clay on an old scorpion action figure.
 They meticulously planned the scorpions every move until they had made a costume that matched his flexibility.
 They stole it from the PlayStation game design.
 Good old-fashioned creativity.

Q. 7 'Stings In The Tail'

As he cannot make up his mind, the scorpion has changed his tail design many times. Which of the following did he not use in the comics?

 A laser blaster, made by an arms manufacturer.
 A large, deadly hook-blade.
 Squirting acid jets.
 A spinning buzz-saw, capable of cutting through metal.

Q. 8 'Making The Grade'

How much effect did the scorpion have on spider-man during their first encounter?

 He was easily defeated.
 Spidey had trouble, but eventually defeated him.
 He was so good he knocked the web-slinger out.
 He killed Spider-man, who had to be resurrected.

Q. 9 'Not Playing Games'

What was the origin of the Scorpion in the Spider-man movie PlayStation game?

 A mutant on the run.
 A man who'd been bitten by a radioactive scorpion.
 The back-story was unaltered.
 An Oscorp experimental subject, stalked by Oscorp's robots.

Q. 10 'The Company He Keeps'

Which group did the Scorpion join?

 The Sinister Six.
 The Frightful Four.
 The Spider-Squad.
 None of the above.


 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Eduard Saul