Quick Quiz on The Prowler

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)
Q. 1 'Double Trouble'

In Amazing #87, Peter asks The Prowler to put on a Spider-Man costume and pretend to be him. What was Peter trying to do?

 Set up J.J.J. for a practical joke
 Pursuade his friends that he wasn't Spider-Man
 Escape a frame-up for a burglery
 Trap the Chameleon, who was trying to steal a painting

Q. 2 'A Delicate Question of Colour'

Hobie was Afro-American. Here's some more characters from Spider-Man's past. Which one of them is NOT Afro-American?

 Toy (The Tinkerer's Strong-Man)
 Rocket Racer
 Luke Cage
 The White Tiger

Q. 3 'Silver Anniversary'

Web of Spider-Man #50 saw the return of a number of half-villains. Spider-Man was accused of a theft, and several costumed types came to his aid. Most of them people who Spider-Man had helped turn away from a life of crime.

Ignoring Puma and Silver Sable for the moment, those trying to help Spider-Man included The Prowler and Rocket Racer. There were two others - who were they?

 Sandman and Will-O-Wisp
 The Lizard and Black Cat
 Cloak and Dagger
 Speedball and Night Thrasher

Q. 4 'More on Web #50'

Well, if you remembered who was in the comic, maybe I can jog your memory about the plot. Spider-Man was accused of breaking in and stealing something from a wealthy mansion. His old friends were trying to prove he didn't do it.

Who really did commit the crime? If it helps, the owner of the mansion was a crook, who had something to hide and was very nervous.

 Silver Sable
 No-one, it was a set-up

Q. 5 'The Prowler and his Girl'

Hobie Brown, the Prowler, had a girl-friend who was mentioned in every issue that he appeared in. Stretch those grey cells and see if you can recall what her name was? Here's a clue... it started with an 'M'.



 Posted: 2009
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)