Back in Black & White

Welcome to "Better Read", where we take a moment every now and again to mention some great stuff that we've come across recently that isn't strictly Spidey-related.

This is just a quick rave to point out a few of my favorite on-line comic strips. There's maybe a dozen strips that I read on a regular basis, and I figured that a few of them were maybe worth sharing with like-minded Spidey-fans.

All three of these strips are actually black and white, hence the title of this rave. While I love my comic books in full glorious color, many independent on-line comic strips are still in black and white, mostly I guess because coloring takes a lot of effort, and most of these strips are created by one-man-bands who also have real day-jobs.

Enough chatter, here's the strips. First up is SinFest. Tatsuya Ishida is a great artist with a swift sense of humor. Read a few of the preceding strips to get a feel for his style. His touch is surprisingly deft, it's hard not to suggest a hint of the great Bill Watterson in his work.

Secondly is Achewood by Chris Onstad. Don't be put off if you don't "get it" at first. The characterizations are surprisingly important. Read a bit of back history to get to understand the characters and you'll enjoy it a lot more. I'm addicted.

Finally, if Achewood wasn't crazy enough for you, then try White Ninja. Scott Bevan and Kent Earle remind me of Bob Dylan in his psychedelic phase, breaking all the rules and somehow succeeding on a totally different level.

Well, there you go. Something different anyhow, eh?