Kyle Hotz

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Credits for Kyle Hotz on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Carnage One-Shots

Feb 1996 Carnage: Mind Bomb (Pencils, Inker)
Oct 1996 Carnage: It's a Wonderful Life (Pencils, Inker)

Ghost Rider 2099

Date TBD Ghost Rider 2099 #7 (Pencils, Inker)

Marvel Knights 2099 One-Shots

Nov 2004 Black Panther 2099 #1 (Artist)

Marvel One Shots

Year 1997 Marvel Valentine Special 1997 (Pencils, Inker)

Marvels Comics Group

Jul 2000 The History of Marvels (Cover Art)
Jul 2000 Marvel Comics Group: The Spider-Man #1 (Pencils, Inker)

Spider-Island: One-Shots

Dec 2011 Spider-Island: Heroes For Hire (Pencils)

Spider-Man One-Shots

Feb 1997 Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal (Pencils, Inker)

Venom Annual

Year 1995 Venom Annual 1995 (Story 1) (Pencils)
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