Joe Rosen

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Credits for Joe Rosen on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Captain America (Vol. 1)

Oct 1994 Captain America (Vol. 1) #432 (Lettering)

Daredevil (Vol.1)

Date TBD Daredevil (Vol.1) #165 (Lettering)

Marvel Chillers

Feb 1976 Marvel Chillers #3 (Lettering)

Marvel Humour One Shots

Apr 1984 The Marvel Fumetti Book (Spider-Man Appears) (Soundtrack)

Marvel Team-Up

Jan 1983 Marvel Team-Up #125 (Story 2) (Lettering)

Marvel Two-In-One

Mar 1980 Marvel Two-In-One #61 (Lettering)

The Human Fly

Apr 1978 The Human Fly #8 (Lettering)
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