Hilary Barta

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Credits for Hilary Barta on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Amazing Spider-Man Promo (Adventures in Reading)

Year 1990 Amazing Spider-Man: Adventures In Reading (Inker)

Comic Reader

Apr 1980 Comic Reader #179 (Cover Art)


Jun 1982 Defenders #108 (Inker)

Marvel Humour One Shots

Dec 1995 Marvel Riot (Writer/Penciler)

Marvel: The Year in Review

Year 1989 Marvel: The Year in Review 1989 (Artist)

New Mutants Annual

Year 1989 New Mutants Annual #5 (Inker)

Power Pack

Nov 1987 Power Pack #33 (Inker)

Spider-Man Recap One-Shots

Jan 1996 Spider-Man: Hot Shots Poster Collection (Artist)

The Thing (Vol. 1)

Nov 1983 The Thing (Vol. 1) #5 (Inker)

What If? (Vol. 2)

Mar 1990 What If? (Vol. 2) #11 (Inker)

What The?!

Aug 1988 What The?! #1 (Co-Plot, Pencils)
Dec 1992 What The?! #24 (Writer)
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