Chtylok, the Che-k'n Kau

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A giant mix between a chicken and a cow


Err... white feathers (top) and brown leather (bottom)


Really, really tall (approximately 25' tall)


Really, really heavy (think lots of tons)


Apparently vulnerable to being ganged up on by lots of dinosaurs after several days of fighting the Hulk


It can fly, has razor-sharp talons, and rock-hard hooves.

Strength Level:

Chtylok is immensely strong, well into the Class 100 range, and is virtually indestructible.


It's tail is semi-prehensile, has spikes on its tip, and can be used as a weapon to strike or stab.

Created By:

Todd Dezago, Mike Wieringo

Current Aliases:

The Che-K'n Kau, Nakra, Chicken Cow, Foghorn (the last two were Spidey's names for it)

Current Occupation:

Protector(?) of the Fall People

Dual Identity:



Doctorate... aww, come on! It's a giant chicken!

Former Aliases:

The Hulk referred to him as a "house with feathers"

Former Bases:

Subterranea; Savage Land

Known Allies:

worshipped by the Fall People; indirectly allied with the Hulk, Ka-Zar, Shanna, Spider-Man and Stegron

Major Enemies:

Hulk, the mutates of Subterranea, Roxxon Oil Company (Dr. Gerald Roth)

Marital Status:

You kiddin' me?

Place of Birth:


Real Name:


Usual Bases:

Subterranea; Savage Land


Long ago (centuries? milennia?), the ancestors of the Savage Land tribe, the Fall People, attempted to escape the Savage Land. In the frozen Antarctic outside the jungle world, they encountered the mighty Chtylok, who drove them back into the pieces. The tribesmen believed that this was a warning from their guardian that they must stay in their valley. The Fall People worshipped Chtylok, and began leaving it offerings (a fatted ram, that sort of thing) each new moon. They believed that one day a terrible disaster would threaten to wash over their valley, but then the great Chtylok would rise out of the earth to save them from that which would destroy them.

In the modern era, damage to the ozone layer above the Savage Land had begun to cause the glaciers around the jungle world to melt, threatening to flood the entire region. Water trickled down into the subterranean caverns, awakening Chtylok from its milennia long sleep. It found itself below Monster Island, and it traveled to the surface, scaring off the giant monsters there. Several of the monsters fled in the direction of the Florida Keys, which drew the attention of the Hulk, who had at the time made them his home. The Hulk traveled to Monster Island to investigate, but was tackled by the monstrous Chicken Cow. They fell back into the caverns of Monster Isle, and began a several day struggle that moved them a great distance through Subterranea, bringing them into the Savage Land.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker had been sent on a trip to the Savage Land to cover SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Logistics Directorate)'s efforts to save it. As Spider-Man, Parker joined forces with Ka-Zar and Shanna, but was told by Malthala of the Fall People that they were not needed: Chtylok will save them. The heroes investigated and found that the Roxxon Oil Company, while claiming to have been setting up relay stations, were in fact setting up drills in the Savage Land for all of the oil beneath it (lots o' dinosaurs-> fossils-> fossil fuel-> oil). Roxxon was also using microwaves to hasten the melting, in order to submerge the Savage Land, and thus nullify all laws protecting its resources. SHIELD was apparently unaware of this, and believed they were working with Roxxon to preserve the Savage Land. This melting also freed Stegron, the Dinosaur Man, who had been frozen in the ice. Stegron gathered an army of dinosaurs to slay all of the humans (Spidey, Ka-Zar & Shanna, SHIELD, Roxxon,...and anyone else in site), who he saw as trying to destroy his would-be home.

...Anyway, Chtylok and the Hulk burst out of the ground in the middle of that fight. The Hulk finally got the better of Chtylok and smashed it to the ground, where Stegron's T. Rex's piled on top of it. Ka-Zar revealed the truth to the agents of SHIELD, and they joined forces with Spidey, the Hulk, Ka-Zar & Shanna, and Stegron to destroy Roxxon's microwave/drilling stations. Dr. Gerald Roth, the head of Roxxon's Savage Land drilling plot, was left to his fate by his superiors, and he activated bombs in all of SHIELD's dams, to release the water and flood the Savage Land, killing them all!!!!! However, as Spidey had planned, the water came crashing down from all sides, and formed a whirlpool that sucked it all into the immense subterranean crater carved by the battle between the Hulk and Chtylok.

Roth, meanwhile, fled into the jungle, seeking to escape capture...and finding....Chtylok.

No true origin is given. It could easily be a Deviant mutate, an extra-terrestrial creature, or it could be the spawn of some race of Gods. You know what? Chicken butt. Sure it's a goofy story...I loved it!! KRAW! Kraw indeed, Chtylok, Kraw indeed.

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Cover Date Appearance Information
Feb 1997 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #13
Mar 1997 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #14
  Origins told, such as they are.
Apr 1997 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #15

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