Want : The Supernaturals

Here is a list of the issues I am missing for The Supernaturals.

Like most collectors these days, I just pick up stuff from eBay as and when my budget allows. But if you reckon you've got something super-rare (or super-cheap) that I really have to look at, then you can always Mail Me.

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The Supernaturals #1
Dec 1998 : NM ($4.00) : SM Cameo

Summary: Spider-Man Cameo
Editor:  Bob Harras, Brad Gould, Brian Pulido, Tim Tuohy
Story:  Brian Pulido
Writer:  Mark Andreyko
Pencils:  Ivan Reis
Inker:  Joe Pimental
Cover Art:  Jim Balent
Cover Colorist:  Elizabeth Lewis
Colorist:  Dean White, Elizabeth Lewis
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