Spider-Man Reprints (Niagara Falls)

These four comics were included in a series of promotional reprints produced by "Marvel Adventure City" (aka Marvel Super-Hero Adventure City).

Marvel Adventure City was a much-vaunted theme park placed right opposite Niagara Falls. However, the reality didn't match the hype. Marvel Adventure City went bankrupt and lost their Marvel Licencing Agreement. They managed to keep going somehow, and are now called simply "Adventure City". If you read the online reviews of their theme park, you would definitely get the impression that the remaining rides (presumably also re-themed) are poorly maintained, and that the service was pretty terrible. This ain't Disneyland, folks.

Note that the fourth comic of the set is very rare. The first three appear regularly on eBay, but the fourth one (reprinting Marvel Age: Spider-Man #2) does not. The story I was told is that a water main break in the area they were kept in damaged most of the boxes. Then when they lost the licencing agreement, most of the remainder were destroyed.

I bought my copy off a guy who said he was given a few of them by an ex-employee who managed to save a few before the remainder were thrown out. Good luck finding your copy!