Marvel Milestone Edition

These "Marvel Milestone Edition" reprints feature the original cover surrounded by a silver border. There are also a number of full-silver covered reprints, filed under Spider-Man Reprints (Silver).

  Marvel Milestone Edition: Amazing Fantasy #15
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: First appearance of Spider-Man, reprinted.
  Marvel Milestone Edition: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #150
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: Bagged with Web of Spider-Man #119
  Marvel Milestones (Featuring Captain Britain, Psylocke & Sub-Mariner)
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Reprints: Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #114
Reprints: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1) #213
Reprints: Human Torch #2