1996 Panini Spider-Man The Insidious Six Stickers

This 1996 trading sticker set from Panini Group, distributed by Fleer/Skybox International, Inc. featured screenshots from the popular Spider-Man TV (1994) cartoon. It was a natural money-making repeat/follow-up given the success of the previous year's 1995 Panini Spider-Man Stickers set.

The stickers were sold in packs of 6 stickers. There are 66 stickers in the set, and they are sized at 3" x 2" (standard trading sticker for the time, but smaller than trading card size). There are no special format stickers, or chase subsets.

All stickers are landscape orientation, which is natural since they are images taken from the TV show. All stickers feature a white margin frame around the image on the front. The back of each sticker gives the sticker number, copyright, and contact information. But there is no unique title or description offered.

It's probably safe to assume that sticker packs were shipped to stores in a distributor box, however I have never seen any box offered on eBay, and I have no information or image for the box art.

The matching sticker album was sold in two variants. There is a cheap version (marked US $1.39, CAN $1.95) which does not include any stickers. The expensive version (marked US $3.99, CAN $5.59) included a complete set of all 66 stickers, which obviously removes the "trading" part of the concept.

  Spider-Man Sticker Book: The Insidious Six
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Publisher: Panini Publishing
Cover Art: Joe Jusko