1988 Comic Images World of Spider-Man Stickers

This set from Comic Images features art taken from Spider-Man's entire career up to the date of publishing. It was (I believe) the first ever "Spider-Man only" trading sticker set, although of course Spider-Man had appeared previously in the Topps Marvel stickers of the 1970's, and the Panini "Marvel Secret Wars" sticker set from 1986.

The stickers are advertised on the box as "New Larger Size" but are still only 2" x 3" (i.e. smaller than standard trading-card size). The stickers were officially sold in packs of four, although I'm sure I encountered a couple of packs with only three cards (and one with five). The randomization is terrible! I bought a complete box and received a dozen copies of sticker #1, a dozen of #31, but not a single example of sticker #50.

Each pack was wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper, and in addition to the stickers contained a standard trading-card sized "header" card (not a sticker) as well as an advertising card (also not a sticker). The back of the header card featured an advertisement for "SPIDER-MAN FRAMED FOTOS", while the second card promoted a "STICKER POSTER", as well as a set of 24 Marvel "TIMECARDS" (postcards).

The card designs were exclusively portrait orientation. There were six different sub-sets each with their own design: "Wanted", "Daily Bugle", "Blue Web", "Tracer", "Photo Album", and "Brickwork". There is a number on the front of each sticker, but no title. The back of the sticker contains no additional information, it shows only the branding of the company(s) that manufactured the large sticker sheets onto which the images were printed.

A box is 50 packs (i.e. 200 stickers). The boxes were larger than the stickers they contained and so it's hard to find a box in mint condition, most were crushed by the plastic shrink wrap or in storage.

There was no album for this set, but the aforementioned "Sticker Poster" was available by mail order for $3.00 + 75c (postage & handling).

  1988 Comic Images World of Spider-Man Stickers Header Card
One per packet, not included in checklist.
  1988 Comic Images World of Spider-Man Stickers Advertising Card
One per packet, not included in checklist.