Untold Tales of Spider-Man #2

Story 'It Stalks By Night'

Issue #2 features an unidentified Bat Creature who is stalking the city and terrorising outdoor society parties and rooftop restaurants. Spider-Man joins the chase eager for the reward, but when he discovers that the Batwing creature is a young boy who fell victim of some chemical poison then he lets him go free. By doing so, he makes an enemy of a powerful city counciller. There's a nice little sub-story about one of the school bullies too.

General Comments

This is a pretty good comic I guess. The writers and artists feel as though they are becoming a little more comfortable with what they are doing. I also feel that they are being cautious not to interfere with the continuity too outragously - thank goodness.

If you're a new fan of the recent Spider-Man, then you probably don't need to worry too much about subscribing to Untold Tales. I guess its really there to keep us old-timers happy until they sort out what they're planning to do with the current storyline.

Overall Rating

I'll stick my neck out here and give Untold Tales #2 Four Webs.