Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #10 (Story 2)


The second story is the Cage/Sabretooth tale. They got the front cover billing. But do they deserve it?

Story 'Ghetto Defendant'

Somebody has been smashing up community buildings around Harlem. Cage goes investigating and discovers it's a pack of mutant kids, lead by Sabretooth. Seems the kids are just being tested to see if they're good enough to join Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Strange, I didn't realize Magneto was into promoting random destruction.

Well, Cage defeats Sabretooth (who can't lay a claw on his tough skin). Then he talks to the kids and discovers they were just acting out of a sense of confusion and loneliness. The X-Men arrive and the young mutants decide to join the forces of goodness. Yay for the heroes!

General Comments

Well, what a patronizing little effort that was.

Overall Rating

Mom-and-apple-pie drivel that would need to be twice as clever just to even insult my intelligence.

One crappy web.