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Date: Nov 10, 2012
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From donovan

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the show of respect when addressing the Spider-Man Crawlspace after receiving an e-mail about our perceived "hate" of Spidey and the Dan Slott run. It really does the internet good to see a respect for differences of opinion, and speaking for the entire panel of admins I can tell you that it was a gesture much appreciated. As a visitor of Spider-Fan for years, I was pleased and humbled to see such a degree of dignity when addressing a "rival" Spider-Man site. Should you need anything of the Crawlspace, you have my personal promise to make it happen.

Thanks again,

Donovan Morgan Grant


Thank you for your note. I appreciate it!

I agree completely that the Internet often brings out the worst in people: defining and demonizing out-groups, and fetishizing the smallest of differences. Fandom is often like this as well; long before the Internet there were Marvel Zombies vs. DC fanboys (or whatever the derogatory term was). I'm glad that, though our opinions on the current run of ASM may differ, we can be civil about it.

All the best,