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Date: Nov 10, 2012
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From Jonas

Has it ever been explained what happend with his "other powers"? Many might feel good riddance, but I liked them. And they mostly made sense for him... Perhaps not the stingers though.

But i would accept it however if they explained how they disappeared. But they have nothing to do with the retcon of his secret identity, nothing to do with his marriage, and it doesn't make sense for him to still have them but not using them considering how he wants to step up his game even further. I mean would he rather die than to use his organic webbing or extra muscle? I need to know dammit, they can't just go *poof* and be explained away with a simple "because." Now Peter seems to be out of the game for the future and i need closure before that!

Give me something please! :)


No, the powers Peter gained from 'The Other' arc disappeared as part of the Brand New Day reboot, and there's never been an explanation as to why. Or perhaps I should say an adequate explanation; there was a hint in ASM #544 that Peter used up all of his organic webbing in that issue's fight with Iron Man. But no, as to the rest of the Other powers, they disappeared in Mephisto's magic whammy and haven't been seen since. They're gone, but not forgotten, of course: Peter has said on a few occasions, notably around the 'Spider-Island' arc, that organic webbing is something he "used to have". Perhaps the upcoming ASM #700 will have more.

Sorry, that's the best we at SpiderFan can offer on this topic!

Thanks for writing,