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Date: Nov 21, 2010
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From Corey Woodring

"Thank you for taking my question: at the end of the Brand New Day arc there were covers of all the issues during that arc, I am an avid collector of ASM yet at the end I saw two Colbert covers, did the "other" Colbert cover actually go on sale?, I have not seen it #573, 2nd Colbert ASM cover, can you help?"

Thank you

Hi there, Corey.

I had to turn this question over to a couple of our intrepid Spidey experts, and here's what they had to say:

Peter Kroon:

"This cover does NOT exist. It was printed in the Official Marvel Index #13 and Al asked Marvel, they told him, it does not exist. Now they printed again in ASM 647 and I pointed it out to (editor) Steve Wacker and this is the reply I got:

"That cover almost saw print, but we ended up doing something else.

Since we had it, I thought it'd be a cool little Easter Egg for the fans."

Al Sjoerdsma:

"Yeah, at the time of Index #13, I was under the impression that it had been released. When I found out differently, I had the Note for ASM #573's index entry changed for the TPB edition. The book still shows the cover but now says, "The 2nd printing Colbert cover shown here was produced but not released."


There you have it. Thanks for your question, Corey, and thanks for reading.