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Date: Sep 15, 2010
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From SPC. Michael Harig

Can you help me? I would like to acquire the back issues of the free New Avengers (Military - AAFES) title that is produced for the military. I have just a few. While I was in Iraq I was not able to acquire certain issues. Please advise on how to obtain them.


You can acquire back issues of this comic that same way that I acquired mine (I'm not in the military), by going on one of the many auction sites (I use ebay), and typing in "New Avengers, Military" in the search window, that should get you several pages of listings.

Right now there are nine issues that have been published (refer to our site to see covers and reviews of the content). Personally, I've paid between $5.00 and $10.00 (USD) for my issues (plus shipping of a couple of bucks).

Good luck, and thanks for your military service!

Robert J. Sodaro