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Date: May 4, 2009
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From r8er8494

Hi, I recently came across the website that talked about the Spider-Man Magazine during the mid 90s. You did a review on most of them and at the end you described what the marvel cards were that came in the magazine. But the one magazine I'm interested in is Spider-Man Magazine #12 and there is not a review posted. The reason I'm witting is I am collecting a bunch of old promo marvel cards and I am not sure which ones are in issue #12 if there are any since there is no review. If you know and don't mind could you please tell me who the Fleer cards are of in Spider-Man Magazine #12. Any help I would surely appreciate.


Well, as much as I would love to hep you out here, I don't have those other comics (I though I did, but when I did the reviews, those were the only ones I found). So, not only can I not tell you what stories occurred in each of those non-reviewed issues, I honestly don't know what trading cards came in those issues either.

If I (or one of the other Spiderfan reviewers) do come across one of these missing issues, I know that we'll be happy to post them.