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Date: Feb 19, 2009
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From Steve

I liked your list of suggested villains to transfer into Spider-Man's gallery.

Some thoughts that spring to mind:

- The Wrecker was an inspired choice.

- There are a few villains that belong to someone else that have had the odd bit of Spidey exposure already and that I wouldn't mind seeing more of. The Wizard, The Blob, Mr. Hyde, The Absorbing Man, Stiltman....

- Interesting how you categorise villains into brutes, doppelgangers, thinkers, etc. I'd add another to the list: villains with weird special powers where you have to think of creative ways to beat them. Remember beating Sandman with the vacuum cleaner in ASM#4? Beating Electro with a hose in ASM#9? Well, with that in mind, my nomination is....(drumroll)....The Grey Gargoyle.

And before you ask, I am not Al Sjoerdsma in disguise.


Fine choices all. Mr. Hyde in particular is a favourite of mine.

Let me see, "villains with weird special powers where you have to think of creative ways to beat them." Bit too long for an archetype; how about "Chimeras" for short?

The Grey Gargoyle is a good Chimera for sure. Other Chimeras at a bit of a loose end right now might include Vapour from the U-Foes, Destiny from the X-Men's rogues' gallery (sure she's dead, but so what?) or, just for a change of pace, Ghost Rider.

And if you are Al Sjoerdsma...

...can I have your autograph?

Thanks for writing,