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Date: Feb 11, 2009
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From gyro25

Do you agree with me that they used the figure of "Nose Norton" for "Mc Gargan" in the 90s animated series? I thought about it after re-reading "Roger Stern" series in Amazing

Mc Gargan in the original comics wasn't a chuncky fat nose, he was more of a legitimate private invistigator (if you agree on it) wering a suit and is in a fit shape

Side Note (nothing serious): Somehow I get the impression that "Roger Stern" isn't one of your favorite writers

Now that you mention it, Nose Norton dose resemble the figure of Max Gargan on the '90s Fox Spider-Man series. Whether this was intentional or not is anyone's guess, but maybe they wanted Gargan to be a bumbling buffoon rather than a decent P.I.

I love Roger Stern's work on Spider-Man. I just don't think everything he's done is 4-5 web material. The same goes for Stan Lee, Tom DeFalco and my other favorites.

Reggie White Jr.