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Date: Jan 31, 2009
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From megagreen

Hi, I've pretty much started boycotting comics since this whole "Brand New Day" thing started but I was wondering something: if Mephisto wiped Spidey's identity from everybody's memory does that mean Mary Jane doesn't know either? I was wondering if she was an exception since she made the deal with Mephisto along with him.

Welcome to the club! While I haven't stopped buying comics all-together, I haven't dropped a dime on Amazing Spider-Man since Brand New Day started for what I'm positive are the same reasons that you and others have.

As for your question, according to Marvel, no one knows Spider-Man's ID in the BND world, but Dan Slott's Paper Doll story arc in Amazing Spider-Man #559-561 suggests that MJ does know Peter is Spidey. But again, word from Marvel is, nobody knows and I really don't know how to explain the logic behind this. There are hints in New Ways to Die (ASM #569 in particular) that at one point Norman Osborn did know Peter was Spidey, but now he doesn't because of the mind wipe or whatever Peter did to make everyone forget, including MJ. Marvel's response to this would be "Keep reading." My response? Don't dwell on it too much. It isn't worth the headache. Like many of the other mysteries in ASM right now, the answers haven't been provided yet and it can really hamper a reader's enjoyment of the story.

At the very least, I think some people should know that Peter is Spidey, MJ and aunt May being obvious choices but I think a few others should know as well. Really, anyone that's been around Peter long enough should be able to pieces the clues of his dual identity together.

-Reggie White Jr.