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Date: Jan 28, 2009
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From Bernd

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to point out a minor tidbit in your review to Spider-Man: Family & Amazing Friends (Story 1). It's nothing major.

You were openly wondering what Firestar is up to these days.

Well, she resigned being a superhero in one of the early issues of Civil War: Frontline (issue 2, me thinks), because she did not want to give away her secret identiy and be hunted down for not registering.

She will take up the mantle again, eventually. But till then she may only be available for Peter Parker as Angelica Jones. Don't know if that would work out.

Thanks for your reviews. Keep up the good work.



Now that you mention it, I remember reading that issue, vaguely. I'll have to dig it up and re-read it.

You know, I like this idea more now. As an unregistered hero, sharing Spidey's risks, she and he'd make a good couple.

I'm seriously considering writing a letter to the editor to pitch this idea. What's not to like?

Thanks for writing,


From Matteo

Hello Andrew,

I read your review of the book I draw Marvel Adventures Avengers #30 and I'd like to thank you for appreciating my work. Thanks a lot, I'm new to the business and I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you'll like even better the new books I penciled.

Thanks and forgive my bad english!



Thank you for note. I'm glad you appreciated my review; I certainly appreciate your pencils!

Please keep up the good work!

By the way, as you note in your other e-mail, the database entry for issue #31 was incorrect (I have now corrected it). Sorry about that. At least the review itself noted that Matteo Lolli didn't pencil the issue.

All the best,


PS. Your English is fine! Certainly better than my Italian...