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Date: Aug 30, 2008
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From mbkamil

Regarding Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #42.

Weren't Black Cat and Puma having an affair according to both of their biographies on Spiderfan.org?

The Biographies of the various Spider-characters apply to their mainstream personas, not to how they are depicted in the Marvel Adventures, M2, Marvel-X, Ultimate, or various other multiverse selves. In the Marvel Adventures Universe, they had never met until Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #42.

From Patrick

Regarding Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #42.

I just wanted to point out that Black Cat and Puma tangled before back when Spidey had the black costume. Puma was the one who informs Spidey/readers that his web is organic and not mechanical during the two part throw down. It's Amazing Spider-Man #256 and #257, it's actually Puma's first appearance curiously enough. Just had to clarify because I'm a huge Black Cat fan and those issues happened to be key issues for learning about Spidey's cool new suit. Glad to see they chose to retell the story.

Thanks for the Info, Patrick. As I've pointed out, the Marvel Adventures Universe takes place apart from the "regular" spider Universe, thus this was the fiorst appearance of Puma, and the first time Puma and Black Cat met.

From Spiderfan05

Regarding Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #42.

Just wanting to correct you on a little error you made. Puma and Black Cat have crossed paths the standard Marvel Univers as a matter of Fact I think they dated for a while don't know if they do anymore. Just check out Sensational Spider-Man Vol.2 #34.

Yes, Yes, I know that they met and dated in the regular Marvel Universe, but please try to keep in mind that this is the Marvel Adventure Universe, and there is no real connection between the two.