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From nc1916

I was wondering what happened in SpiderMan TV(1994) Season 4, Episode 24 (It's the very last episode). I saw the episode before, but it was to be continued. I've been wanting to see the last episode ever since! The main idea is that I want you to tell me about the last episode.Give me a little review.

The unsatisfying ending of the Spider-Man TV (1994) series is the subject of a Frequently Asked Question here at Spider-Fan. Please follow the link for the standard response.

If you are seeking a more detailed breakdown of the episode's events, one of my adepts is currently working through a detailed review of each of the issues in this series. However, given the number of episodes in the series, it may be some time before he has completed it.

You may prefer to simple re-watch the episode yourself, which is easily done as a number of online sites offer viewing. e.g. BlinkX and other video streaming services.

From T

Hi! My boyfriend is a HUGE Marvel comics fan . . . I am not.

He asked me the following question and stated that if I get the answer, he'll Love me even more. So please help me with this question.

***When Spiderman and Human Torch want to talk, where in NY do they go?

He informed me that the place is a real place in NY. I need for him to know that I'm serious about him and I would like the answer.

Your paramour is indeed wise in testing your skills in this vital area.

I am bound by my sacred oath as a Spider-Oracle never to interfere in affairs of the heart. However, my powers as a Spider-Oracle allow me to break my oath whenever I please. It's an excellent arrangement.

The response is "The Statue of Liberty", as shown in the cover of Spider-Man/Human Torch #1.

To be completely specific, when they actually sit down to talk, they do so on Ms. Liberty's torch - appropriately enough. In practical terms this is a terrible spot for Spider-Man. The harbor is a busy spot, but even so it must be terribly challenging to actually hitch a ride out to the island on which the statue sites.

From DD

Why is there an early version of Venom on the cover of Web of Spider-Man #31? (part 3 of the mad-dog ward storyline) It's a head-shot of the black0suited Spider-man with what appears to be monstrous teeth. Now, this could be normally chalked up to a coincidence... except Venom made his first appearance the very next month! Was this cover a preview or prototype image, or am I looking at it wrong? (The issue itself makes no mention of the cover, of course) Thanks for any answers!

The third part of the Mad Dog Ward storyline is in fact Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #133. It does feature a rather sketchy version of black costume Spider-Man, although it does not have a great deal in common with Venom. I suspect you are in fact referring to part 1 of the story in Web #33, which features a rather toothy Spider-Man head:

Review [3.5 Webs]
By Kerry Wilkinson
Web of Spider-Man #33
Dec 1987 : NM ($2.50) : SM Title

Arc: Part 1 of "Mad Dog Ward"
Editor:  Jim Salicrup
Writer:  Ann Nocenti
Pencils:  Cyndy Martin
Inker:  Steve Leialoha
Cover Art:  Bill Sienkiewicz
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The only real link appears to be "lots of teeth". Though to our eyes now the black costume appears to be a dramatic similarity between the two, it is rather deceptive. At the time the comic was released, the black costume was already "the" Spider-Man costume of the time, and hence the connection is far less significant.

I would be quite confident this was nothing more than a passing coincidence.

Note also that the first "behind the scenes" appearance of Venom was over a year previously in Web of Spider-Man #18, and the first visual depiction was actually three months later in Amazing Spider-Man #298.

From Serafita

Regarding your F.A.Q. - Has Spider-Man Killed.

At the end of the Grim Hunt in Amazing Spider-Man #637, Spider-Man is about to kill Kraven (Kraven even begs him to do so) but reluctantly stops due to Arachne telling him to show mercy as he will otherwise destroy the moral web that he has created for other heroes... or something like that. He did do a number on Kraven's wife Sasha by ripping off half her face with his version of the Mark of Kaine, but it was probably deliberately non-fatal.

All you say is quite correct. The list of people who Spider-Man has "shown intent to kill or do potentially near-fatal harm" is almost certainly at least as long as the list of people he actually has killed. We do not maintain such a list.

From Emma

I have bought my husband a piece of original comic art from a Spectacular Spiderman issue - the seller says it is from issue #153 but I don't think it is. I was trying to identify which issue it is from. Can you help?

I was wanting to get my hubby a copy of the original comic as well as a present and really need to identify it properly.

Firstly, let me assure you that this artwork is most definitely not from the well-known American comic known as Spectacular Spider-Man #153. The artwork features Carnage, a character who had not yet appeared at that time.

Most likely it is from the lesser-known UK-only Magazine Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine). However, it is definitely not issue #153 of that magazine. Quite possibly it is from Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #151. Judging by the cover of that issue, it features Venom and Carnage as depicted in the artwork.

I will instruct my adepts to acquire a copy of #151, and to confirm my precognition. Those UK magazines aren't particularly valuable, but they are rather difficult to obtain because they were mostly purchased by (or for) children who did not formally collect them, and also because they are not sold in the U.S. where most collectors live.

From Nick

I am desperate! I am a young reader of the Amazing Spider-man. Although I have all the issues, thanks to my father, I have noticed that some stories like, for example, ''The Others'' need other comic books of Spidey. So my questions are the following:

  1. All those different magazines about Spidey (Ultimate Spider-man, Spectacular Spider-man, etc) are needed to have a complete view of the 'story' that takes place in Amazing Spiderman or there are different stories with the same hero?
  2. Are there any issues in Amazing Spiderman that mention something that takes place in another comic book of Spider-man or any other comic book of Marvel?

I fear I am the bearer of bad news. Amazing Spider-Man is the "main" Spider-Man comic, but there are many other "Spider-Man" comic books. Sometimes these titles operate entirely independently and you can safely just read "Amazing" and get the whole story. But as you have noticed, very often these titles overlap and interweave.

We keep a (mostly) up-to-date Current Title Summary at SpiderFan. Combined with the "story arc" information we track, and the reviews we provide, you should be able to identify which additional comics you need to buy, subject of course to the limits of your budget and local comic shop services.

From Joseph

I have a bit of a strange question that I hope you can help me out with. When I was a kid there was an issue of (I believe) Amazing spider-Man that my dad bought me when I was in the hospital having surgery where aunt may discovers nude pictures of Mary Jane while MJ is in the shower (w/ a well placed loofah!) do you know which issue I am talking about? I'd like to track it down for nostalgic reasons.

As the Spider-Oracle, I am sworn to use my powers for all those who entreat me - even if they seek cheesecake shots of Mary Jane. Here is the issue you are looking for:

Review [4.5 Webs]
By Kerry Wilkinson
Web of Spider-Man #43
Oct 1988 : NM ($2.50) : SM Title

Arc: Part 4 of "Cult Of Love"
Editor:  Jim Salicrup
Writer:  Peter David
Pencils:  Alex Saviuk
Inker:  Keith Williams
Cover Art:  Alex Saviuk
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From Dan

Not sure if I missed something in the Marvel community, but I noticed that in Ultimate Enemy #3, Nick Fury looked like 616 Nick Fury, and not his regular self (Samuel L. Jackson). Was there a fallout with Jackson and Marvel that I am unaware of, or am I way off base here?

Nope, no falling-out, not so far as I know. The issue is that, as established in Ultimate Enemy #1, Fury's presence on Earth is a closely-guarded secret. He's perfectly fine showing his face in private, but in public places like the ruins of the Baxter Building, he goes in disguise. In this issue his disguise just happens to mimic the appearance of his 616 counterpart... it's an in-joke for the fans.

Note that, as recently as Ultimate Mystery #1, Fury appeared on the cover in all his Sam-Jacksonesque glory.

From Elizabeth

My whole family loves the Spectacular Spider-Man TV series. Do you know if there will ever be more episodes? The show was excellent and I am sorry they made no more. We've got the two seasons on DVD, but would love for this saga to continue.

No, Disney has made it clear that the two season run of that series will not be extended further. However, check out our News Item... Disney "Ultimate" Spidey Cartoon in Fall 2011 for good news that the replacement "Ultimate Spider-Man" TV cartoon is slated to hit the small screen some time later this year.