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From Scott

Hi Jonathan I'm trying to find an answer to whether or not Spider-Man has ever fought The Thing. I think I've read a story in an old British annual which I assume was a reprint, but I can't find anything online that says if they've fought or not.

Indeed they have scuffled many times. They have met countless times, and it is customary for any pair of heroes to indulge in an irrational misunderstanding and a brief unjustified tussle pretty much any time they meet.

Memorable examples of Spider-Man and Thing include Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #1, Marvel Team Up #6, and a little story named "Clobberin' Time" that was originally printed as the back-up story in Marvel Tales #198 (April 1987). It was later reprinted in the 1989 UK Marvel Super-Heroes Annual (published in 1988). That's the one with Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman on the cover.

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[SM Reprint]
Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK) 1989
Year 1989 : NM ($10.00) : SM Reprint
Find at Amazon.Com
Summary: 1989 Annual, (c) 1988 (Spider-Man on Cover)
Reprints: Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends #1
Reprints: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #232
Reprints: Classic X-Men #5 (Story 2)
Reprints: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #340
Reprints: Marvel Tales #198 (Story 2)
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Almost certainly that is the annual you recall.

From Tyler

I was looking through this website and I could not find "Untold Tales of Spider-Man #0" anywhere. I just wanted to make you aware of this missing issue, since it seems like you have everything else.

Is it possible that you are mistaken on this front? There are issues 1 to 25, several issues with a flip Avengers story, two annuals and a one-shot TPB. There is also a "flashback" issue, commonly referred to as "#minus 1".

Review [4.5 Webs]
By Nathan Chattaway
Flashback - Untold Tales of Spider-Man #Minus 1 (Story 1)
Jul 1997 : SMURF 000.000 : NM ($2.00) : SM Title
Editor:  Tom Brevoort
Writer:  Fred Hembeck, Roger Stern
Pencils:  Fred Hembeck, John Romita, Sr.
Inker:  Al Milgrom, Fred Hembeck
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 Reprinted In: Marvel Visionaries, John Romita, Sr.

Perhaps that is what you are thinking of?

From JB.Fearful

Hey, first off I wanna say this is a great website. I have a question about an issue though, a while ago in a wizard special about Spider-man they had a list of great underrated covers. One was an issue with black suit spidey on the cover flipping in mid-air. The cover was mainly black and white so it looked really cool. I'm pretty sure the issue had Mr Fantastic in it. I haven't been able to find out what issue this is for a long time now, and I was wondering if you might know. Thanks for your time.

By your description, almost certainly you are referring to this cover:

Review [2.5 Webs]
By Adam Winchell
Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #101
Apr 1985 : NM ($2.50) : SM Title

Summary: Blacklash
Editor:  Jim Owsley
Writer:  Cary Burkett
Pencils:  Juan Alacantara
Inker:  Jack Abel
Cover Art:  John Byrne
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However, Mr. Fantastic does not appear. You may possibly be confusing it with this issue:

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #258
Nov 1984 : SMURF 258.500 : SMURF 258.800 : NM ($8.00) : SM Title

Summary: Symbiote Revealed and Captured, Amazing Bag Man
Editor:  Danny Fingeroth
Writer:  Tom DeFalco
Pencils:  Ron Frenz
Inker:  Josef Rubinstein
Cover Art:  Ron Frenz
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: Marvel Tales #272
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man: Saga of The Alien Costume (TPB)
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man & Zoids (UK) #7
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man & Zoids (UK) #8
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man & Zoids (UK) #9

...in which Mr. Fantastic does appear.

From JJ

Guys, it's been wrong for years now.
This is my second email about it.
Robbie's wife is Martha, not Marla.

Of course it is. Thank you for bringing this transcription error to my attention.

The acolyte responsible for this grievous error has been identified and punished.

From Mr. Doorman

Just thought I should point out to you, theirs a new Spider-Man card set on the market, and it looks amazing. Its called Spider-Man Archives by Rittenhouse.

Heres a thread showing all the cards.

And here's the rarest, that you can only get one of by submitting 2500 wrappers.

Indeed, this is a most curious set of trading cards, and my industrious acolytes will no doubt be acquiring a set and reviewing it when their meager mortal powers permit.

You may have noticed that our subsection for Spider-Man Shows section has recently undergone an overhaul and the Spider-Fan minions are scurrying to review and enter a complete set of data. I am informed by my assistants that the task will take a few further months, and when the Shows subsection is suitably under control, the Spider-Man Cards area will be the next part of the site to receive a full rework.

However I do note one very interesting aspect of this card set. The way that the set has been constructed, the regular cards are of almost zero value. Only the one-per-box sketch card has any value. On eBay it is possible to purchase a box with the sketch cards removed for 0.99c. However, that same box with an unopened sketch card costs approximately $70.00.

Hence it would seem that an individual non-sketch card has value of less than half a cent, while a sketch card is worth $70. It certainly makes me wonder why they bothered producing the regular cards at all. Given this spectacular distortion in value, it makes the overwhelming swamp of valueless ordinary cards seem like a waste of cardboard and ink that almost verges on the obscene.

From Jumbie40

Hi, I'm starting a literacy project and was hoping to use Spiderman books.

I need books with single issue stories that don't depend on knowledge of continuity and have easier vocabulary.

I know that there's the Marvel Adventures/ Marvel Age line.

I've found some Spiderman Adventures books from the nineties for sale online. Are these books also kid friendly?

What other kid friendly spiderman or general comics do you know?

Certainly the Spider-Man Adventures and Adventures of Spider-Man are based on the 1994 TV Cartoon and are both kid-friendly. The other title you mention, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is also appropriate, although it is shortly to end and be re-launched. It is one of several "Marvel Adventures" titles including Marvel Adventures Avengers and others.

To that list I would also add Marvel Age: Spider-Man which was short-lived but is easy to find in reprint. It is a retelling of the original early Spider-Man stories, but in a kid-level format. However, I feel obliged to suggest that the original stories themselves still contain considerable charm. Certainly, aspects of them are slightly out-dated, but they are certainly kid-friendly in content, and I don't believe the vocabulary is excessively demanding in general.

You can find the original stories in convenient reprint format under the "Marvel Masterworks" title. Soft-cover collections begin at $13 new price at Amazon.

From Roch

Could you please provide me with information about the ''special overseas project'' comic that was drawn I think by Todd McFarlane. A great poster is included in the Spider-man poster book (McFarlane). I would like then to find this comic.

This is the shot of Spidey up in the air, swinging, across a city which may or may not be New York City. We have no reason to believe that this is anything other than simply a standalone piece of art, with no associated comic. Certainly, nothing has come to our attention in the last ten years or so that appear to correlate with any "overseas project".

You may wish to check our Todd McFarlane credits list to check for yourself, but this is also supported by the fact that the Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators - Poster Books page do not refer to any other comic book in relationship to the "special overseas project".

From msivan

i have a question

what is the future for the Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga

there is book 1 and 2

are they planing to continue with more books

Who can say what Marvel will do. However, it appears that they intend to reprint all the major Spider-Man issues of the 1990's clone saga in a series of trade paperbacks.

Volumes 1 and 2 are released. Volumes 3 and 4 are both available for pre-order at Amazon. No reason not to believe that they won't finish the series up to the death of Ben Reilly.